On Air Interview

Break and rebuild to futureproof your business! - Pavlo Phitidis

Growing a business introduces a constantly changing environment. Its felt by your customers, suppliers and staff. You, yourself will feel it too as will your family and friends. Growth brings on new competitors who aggressively guard their market share. They will deploy tactics you have not yet faced to beat you back and lock you out of the market opportunity.

Your funding requirements change too, to feed the hungry beast of a business that you are building. As the complexity and risk attached to growth increase, you must keep your nerve. You need ‘big match temperament’ to play in the big league and win.

In this series of Nedbank Business Accelerator podcasts, Phitidis has reached deep into the archives to find three remarkable business owners exposed in the local market. Two of them also operate globally, growing at remarkable rates.

"They have constantly looked at what to break and then rebuild to meet the customer and defend against their competitors, constantly at their heels. They bring home the fundamental truth of growth."
- Pavlo Phitidis, business growth expert

Growth before scaling is disastrous. Scaling a business means breaking parts of it in order to rebuild them with the understanding that this process is never ending.

Patrick Makhubela, founder of Neledzi Cleaning Services has scaled his growth through processes and people.