Social & Environmental Responsibility

As conscious and focused as we are on our valued clients, we are also focused on the South African society and the environment.

Neledzi Cleaning Services only use chemicals that are approved by the SABS and NCCA. In addition, we are working on the ISO 9000 registration.

Neledzi conform to the Labour Legislation, Employment Equity and Empowerment issues. These include Labour Relations Act, Fair Labour Practice, Black Economic Empowerment Act, Skills Development Acts, and the Occupational Health & Safety Act. In addition we conform to excellent business practice, ethics and fair governance.

Neledzi's social responsibilities extend to our staff and their rights and needs as employees. Our strategy is to employ previously disadvantaged men and women with various skills and experience. We contribute to the skills development fund which enables us to up-skill our employees through various training programs approved by the services SETA and NCCA.

Staff Economic Participation

Neledzi Cleaning services employee Trust has been established, with employee trustees and independent trustee from Velosa & Associates Attorneys, with 5% shareholding by management & cleaners with over 10 years of service.

We support AIDS orphans for most of our deceased employees through the employee trust fund. We also donate to street children & other charity organizations.

Neledzi also offers free training for new entrants to the industry and pay for their transport costs for the duration of the programme.

We also assist all our staff with study loans, funeral expenses and school fees where possible.

Our staff is important to us, because they form an integral part in the success of Neledzi being the preferred choice in cleaning services.